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            All of our Art Photographs and the resulting digital ArtWorks are dedicated only to positive moments of human existence on this beautiful

            planet and are based on a positive view of the mother nature and our interactions with her.   We see the world as a wonderful garden which

            has the same traces of beauty, colours and shades of light in all of its even the most distant and secluded corners.  Through this global garden

            with its living species interacting with their habitats in a variety of ways, we try to capture and recreate a vision of only the benevolent

            representations and moments of life.


            In our Gallery VIDIM we exhibit visual imprints of our memories of ‘splendor in the grass’ in our lives.   Our roots are from one of the lands

            of OLD SLAVIC people in Europe and many of our albums are with the titles written in our native language, however, their visual contents are

            written and presented in a universal language - PHOTOGRAPHY.  


                             Dear visitors and photodreamers, please enjoy and share with us positive energy that emanates from our Gallery.





                                                     ARTWORKS  2010







                              Album Stories about Iva 14/02/2010  // Album Priče o Ivi 14/02/2010





                                            To the people of Geelong and their beautiful city 07/02/2010

                   Ovo je album sa našeg izleta u Geelong, gde smo bili impresionirani lepotama plaže, parka i opštim dinamizmom 

                   ljudi koje smo tog dana sreli.   Puno slika u ovom albumu su umetnička dela naših unuka Milana i Dušana, koji su 

                                                           slikali i bili slikani u svim situacijama i kombinacijama.

                     Album about Geelong 07/02/2010//Album sa našeg izleta u Geelong 07/02/2010







                      Album AD2010  // Proslava Dana Australije 26/01/2010 i Milošev govor u Glen-u                               






                            Prince William at Government House, Melbourne, 21/01/2010












                      >>>L I N K  ARTWORKS  2009 L I N K <<<










                               ARTWORKS  2008



                                          ArtPhotos and ArtWorks from our Travel 2008



            DubaiAlbum1 & Album2                   To Belgrade with love                    Our Rose Garden in May  


          Just in time for football                 BabyBoomersA1   A2   A3               Kristina            Our hamlet


                                             Adriatic Sea:      Album1         Album2        Album3     


          Horses for courses             Traces and Milestones                        About a great public school





                           A Concert at the Boite’s World Music in Melbourne 04/2008     Album1    Album2



                             Basketball Revolution, Photos of a Grand Finale in Melbourne 032008             




                                A Grand Finale of a great Cricket Premiership, Melbourne 032008




                                              ArtPhotos  Dushan’s Cricket Melbourne 032008




                                              ArtPhotos  Dushan’s Cricket Melbourne 022008    




                                             ArtPhotos   Milan’s Basketball Melbourne 022008  




                                 Milan & Dushan at Frank’s Formula1 & other stories, 022008   




                            Chinese New Year Melbourne 022008     Album1     Album2     Album3



                                        AUSTRALIA DAY 2008     Album1     Album2                                                                                                                 





                     ARTWORKS  2007



                                                      ArtWorks NIKON D300


                                                      ArtWorks DIM122007


                                      ArtPhotos Lysterfield Lake DIM122007



                                                ArtWorks DIM112007


                                           ArtWorks The Whispering Tree DIM092007



                                        ArtWorks  RMIT TELSTRA LABOR  DIM052007



                                        ArtPhotos  RMIT TELSTRA LABOR  DIM052007



              DIM042007ArtPhotos      DIM042007ArtWorksAlbum1         DIM042007ArtWorksAlbum2



            Docklands ArtPhotos Album        Digital Artworks Album1     Digital Artworks Album2






                        ARTWORKS  2006


                   Album1                              Album2                             Album3














                                Album4                                      Album5                                    Album6             













              ARTWORKS 2006 MelVic Album1                      ARTWORKS 2006 MelVic Album2














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